Focusing on the 8 Functions

The first web site exclusively for professional type practitioners interesting in enhancing their professional skills by applying a modern understanding of the 8 Jungian functions and type development.

Post-Qualifying Workshops

We offer workshops on how to apply the 8 functions in training programs, consulting, coaching and counseling.

Function Skills Development Assessment (FSDA)

We have developed the original self-assessment questionnaire to measure how well you (or your clients) use the mental skills associated with each of the 8 functions. This on-line assessment instrument includes a 17-page report that describes how each of the functions operates at each of three development levels. To learn more follow this link to the publisher: Breckenridge Institute

In-house Workshops and Consulting Services

Margaret Hartzler, PhD and Gary Hartzler, MS are available to provide customized training and consulting services.


Exercise Notebooks & Other Publications

Hundreds of practical exercises, both for traditional type work and for use in 8 function work.


The 8 functions approach

Type Development

Exercises using Type Dynamics and Type Development

Converting your existing exercises to 8 function exercises


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